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1515 in @SouthEnd will be a place for coffee, espresso, pour overs, siphon coffee process, gelatos, in house made biscotti's. Follow Us on Facebook for the latest news.

We are small batch coffee roasters and profilers trained and seasoned by some of the best roasters in the world. Our coffee is a labor of love and we distribute our gourmet roast and proprietary blends to individuals, busineses and churches around the world. If you are a business, church or other large organization desiring for gourmet coffee, contact us for volume based pricing and information at info@theclimb.org.


Honored to be a part of  great film project in the city of Charlotte NC. laying out what we at The CLIMB INC. are all about. Only 90 seconds in length, this short teaser of film will challenge and hopefully entice you to learn more about what we are about in erecting five (5) ministries […]

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Every Panthers home football game there is a party at 1515 South Mint St. Home to CLIMB’s Roast! Hamburgers, gourmet coffee, friends, fellowship, and great conversations. Hey! …and Captain Kuechly always seem to show up at our parties! Stay tuned for our next home game and the first home playoff game right here in Charlotte! 

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Amazing how God works. JOY the coffee truck is set to make her debut August 22 at 1515 South Mint Street in SouthEnd. It has been a year in the making and there are so many people and companies involved to make this a reality. After the priming and blasting, Larry and the gang at Hendrick Honda has put heart and soul into this coming out party. She has been painted and is now ready to show off her external blessings. We are praying for the graphics to be finished this week. So many blessings, so many people to be thanked, so many lives to be blessed by JOY! Hope you can make the party as we usher in the Panthers first home game and JOYs first public appearance. We are still working on acquiring a 15,000 watt generator to run her. If you know of any one who might like to partner in this ministry and would have connections for this generator,  please email us at info@theclimb.org. Blessings to all and hope to see you on the 22nd.  Donate Here